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NuPlays is the only independent music platform focused on creating preorders and premieres that fans love to get!

What we do

We help you to benefit on the internet and to make your fans happy. You can prepare outstanding premiere of your new album in literally minutes

Za nami dziesiątki premier z gwiazdami!

Since 2013 we've helped many artists!


New album released only on NuPlays as digital and CD. Additionally fans were offered dCards and download codes added to each CD.


Successful sales of a HD concert offered in direct-to-fan model. NuPlays created a special feature to support this action.


Most complex project on NuPlays so far including developing landing pages, sales of tickets and paid streams, CD and merch, all bundled with MP3 downloads.


Managing digial transactions

If you're located in the EU you don't need to worry about complicated VAT tax clearings - we'll manage it for you

Download codes & dCards

You can order a download codes to enhance your client's experience or buy dCards - new creative way to offer your music


We're using marketing automation and remarketing to better reach your fans - all your fans will see your premiere if you do it on NuPlays

International sales

Set up different offers for different markets and manage pricing and currencies. Offers automatically translate from English to German to Russian to Polish!

Landing pages

We create a special landing page showing all your offers related to the premiere and contact forms. Thanks to remarketing the information will follow your fans.

White label

We're music-industry dedicated platform. Looking for a solution to run an online shop on your own website? Contact us to get a whitelabel solution!

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Registration and account are free of charge

You will pay only a small percentage of the money you get from your fans who buy via NuPlays (our fees start at 6,5% - transaction fees included!)

NuPlays pricing

Your music store on NuPlays

Use NuPlays direct-to-fan (d2f) platform to sell your band's goodies: tickets to gigs, digital and physical albums, gadgeds, files and other. We can even handle delivery for you! You can bundle products with MP3 files in two clicks. Our artists benefit from marketing automation platform integrated with NuPlays, so you can rest assured your fans will find out about your new offer!